Clarify your strategy, align your people and deliver faster with OKRs.

Accelerate your path to improved execution with OKRs.

Increase clarity, alignment, focus, measurability and transparency across your enterprise.


Develop clear actionable strategies.


Build data-enabled adaptability into your core ways of working.

Measure your

Know what’s working and where you need to pivot.

The fast track to using OKRs to help your organization deliver more effectively.

Introduction to OKRs

What is it?

An introduction to OKRs via immersive, hands-on virtual or onsite workshop.

Who’s it for?

Appropriate for all levels of the organization looking to understand OKRs.

What you’ll walk away with:

A clear understanding of objectives and key results (OKRs), what they were created to solve for and ways in which they can help drive focus and change more effectively, while accelerating your delivery capabilities.

What’s included?

Workshop: Immersive workshop with hands-on tutorials for accelerated learning.

Piloting OKRs

What is it?

Accelerated workshop and targeted OKR proof of concept.

Who’s it for?

Groups looking to explore the value of OKR to improve their strategic delivery capabilities.

What you’ll walk away with:

Applied understanding of OKRs and how they can help accelerate strategic change. Or how they can help your organization deliver strategic change more effectively.

What’s included?

Advisory: High-level implementation discovery planning support session (1 hour)

Coaching: Targeted coaching to accelerate your OKR discovery and evaluation process and assess the strategic fit for your organization.

Workshop: Accelerated workshop to explore the value of OKRs for their organization.

Adopting OKRs

What is it?

On-demand, hands-on coaching for groups looking for sustained adoption support.

Who’s it for?

Business units or organizations looking to refine their OKR capabilities and increase the impact of their OKR efforts.

What you’ll walk away with:

Improved outcome-based thinking, strategic alignment and focus.  Measurability across your top priorities.

What’s included?

Coaching: Structured coaching

Advanced OKRs

What is it?

A proven, integrated approach to accelerating the adoption of OKRs while avoiding the common challenges of adoption across your organization.

Who’s it for?

Business units or organizations seeking to create and adopt OKRs.

What you’ll walk away with:

Go deeper to explore and understand the core capabilities necessary to fully realize the full benefits of OKR adoption. This would include how to: build OKR roadmaps, prioritize a full range of competing work, balance demand and capacity, and aligning and finalizing OKRs across groups.

What’s included?

Advisory Services: Ongoing support for key enablers for strategic intent – strategic planning, portfolio management, organizational design, leadership agility, enabling increased delivery focus, adaptive funding models.

Workshop: Immersive workshops

Coaching: Applied coaching for accelerated impact

Operationalizing OKRs

What is it?

Proven, integrated approach to adopting and scaling OKRs as part of your DNA.

Who’s it for?

Organizations seeking to create and scale the adoption of OKRs across the company.

What you’ll walk away with:

An integrated OKR change management plan that includes:

  • OKR data management and tooling strategy.
  • OKR planning and refresh cycle.
  • OKRs and performance management plan.
  • Evolving your culture for OKR success.
  • Integrating OKRs into existing measurement and decision making.

What’s included?

Advisory Services: Strategic planning, optimization support, OKR and KPI tooling, dashboard support, evolving your management and cultural efforts.

Workshop: Immersive workshops

Coaching: Applied coaching for:

  • Value delivery and integrated solutions.
  • An orientation around outcomes.
  • The element of “stretch” goals for complex innovation efforts.
  • Goal setting with a focus on the customer.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is an OKR?

    Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are a more adaptive approach to strategic alignment, goal setting and measurement that enables improved delivery of complex solutions across an organization.

  • What is a strategic intent OKR?

    An adaptive approach to provide increased clarity, cohesiveness, alignment, actionability and adaptiveness across your organization’s core strategy. Additionally, strategic intent OKRs build a bridge between your strategy, portfolio management and strategic delivery for high-impact results.

  • How are OKRs different from Smart Goals?

    Smart goals are structured around performance management and management by objectives (MBOs). However, smart goals require you to define specific target goals too early in the process and doesn’t allow for adaptive changes throughout the measurement time frame. Further, with MBOs accountability is oriented around those things to which you have end-to-end responsibility which ends up creating fragmented strategies and goals.

  • Do I have to start at Introduction to OKRs?

    No, however we highly recommend this package to ensure all participants have a common context for OKRs in terms of what we’re looking to solve. Teams may elect to skip the introduction to OKRs and address those foundational needs through applied coaching.

  • Do I need to go step by step through each package?

    No, we customize and design a package for your particular challenges. However, we do like to start small and take an integrated approach. We are happy to engage and create the package designed to your organization’s specific needs.

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